One way or another – Your Time, Your Castle!

Happy Pi Day everyone! Our students are very excited to be celebrating Pi Day and have a ton of activities planned at the Castle including – some pie-in-the-face action for our Student Services Staff, a screening of Sweeney Tood, pie making and much more! Seeing that our students are getting involved today, we figured we would do a post about their activities!

We’ve mentioned that the Castle has its own Student Government before but we neglected to mention just how influential they are! During your time at the Castle, you will have the ability to affect your community in various ways. Some may focus on Charity, some may focus on Volunteering, some may focus on the Arts and some may focus on changing the world for the better! Students even have the option of affecting the BISC and helping it to grow for the better.

At the Bader International Study Centre, we make a number of promises to our students and our students make promises to us. All of these items are laid out in our very own Charter which you can find here –

Our Executive Director at the BISC, Dr. Bruce Stanley recorded a message for our potential students to explain more about the Charter and our student’s ability to affect the BISC.

Check it out here –

Students at the Castle are affecting their community everyday through special events, volunteering or even just helping out a friend. Our Student Government decided to adopt a campaign in the UK called “Red Nose Day” in order to help people both locally and abroad.

Combining their love of One Direction and this new campaign – here is a video form our students to kick off the BISC Red Nose Week!

We are thrilled to see our students affecting the world for the better and we can’t wait to see how our future students choose to change the world.

Radissen Ramoutar
Admission Representative


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