To the Dungeons – a Castle Tour!

TPOTO-the-phantom-of-the-opera-30973411-500-281At Queen’s, we always recommend visiting our campus because it allows you to get a feel for the university environment. However, for our students who are interested in the Castle, visiting is not always the easiest thing to do due to the distance.

We are happy to show students around the Castle if they do visit but we also want to help our students who can’t make it all the way there but still want to get a feel for the Castle. So we have decided to do a TOUR of the Castle in PICTURES!

To start off – we need to get you to see the full picture (literally)Castle airBehold the Castle! This is where we will be showing you around for the duration of our tour. If you get lost or want to keep track of where we are heading, please refer to the numbers in the picture below!
Castle Numbered#1 – The Drawbridge
MoatThis stone bridge provides a safe passage for students to cross the moat and enter the Castle. This is normally used mostly at night as students head back to residence.

#2 – A Pathway to the Side Entrance of the Castle.
Walk SideThis is a path that many students would use to enter the Castle and leads to the entrance to the Gardens behind the Castle as well.

#3 – The Castle Side Entrance Side EntranceThis is the Side Entrance for the Castle and it is also used for various events like when Student Services Staff get pied in the face during Pi Day.

#4 – Chestnuts (The Castle Coffee and Tea Shop)
ChestnutsThis is our Coffee/Tea shop at the Castle and you can go there to socialize, study or just get some great tea.

#5 – The Dining Hall
Dining Hall 2Dining HallThe Dining Hall is the largest room at the Castle and it is where our students would grab food, hang out with friends, study or sign up for events, etc.

#6 – The Ballroom
Ballroom 2The ballroom is the second largest room in the Castle and is used for a variety of events from classes, music performances, dances and much more.

#7 – The Spiral Staircase
Will Gudgeon StaircaseYou can’t have a Castle and not have cool staircases and secret passages. There are a bunch of these spiral staircases around the Castle and there may even be a few secret passages ;)

#8 – The Library
ISC library doorsLibraryThe BISC Library contains many of the course related books that you will need for your academic endeavors. BISC students also get access to the University of Sussex Library if they would like even more resources. We also keep the trophies for the Medieval Festival in here (you know, in case you do jousting as a hobby).

#9 – The Courtyard

Surrounded on all four sides, the Courtyard is right in the middle of the Castle and is a fantastic place to study or to relax!

#10 – Classes
Class 2Class 1IMG_0763We have a variety of different class rooms (many of which are located in the section of the Castle in the numbered picture) from the ballroom, traditional classes like the ones shown above and even the courtyard and the gardens outside.

#11 – The Headless Drummer Pub
Pub (6)Pub (3)At the end of a long day of Academics, Volunteering, Field Studies, etc. there is nothing better than just hanging out with friends and relaxing. A great place to do just that is at our Castle Pub – The Headless Drummer. You can go there regardless of what age you are (but you have to be 18 in order to purchase alcohol!). It is a popular destination for students to have fun with friends.

#12 – The Gardens
GardensThe Gardens are located directly being the Castle and they are beautiful! The Gardens are a great place to just walk, study or relax. They go on for quite a while and some students spend an entire day there when it is nice out.

#13 – The Shakespeare Garden
_DSC0448 This is a great part of the Gardens for any Shakespeare lover. It is used for performances in the summer, classes and each of the trees and plants have unique Shakespearean quotes on them!

#14 – A Mystery. Just kidding. We have even more exciting things around the Castle that just aren’t shown in the numbered picture. So we have devised this handy map to help you keep everything in perspective –

Castle Map Numbered 2A – This is of course the Castle area that we just spent the first part of the tour on. Now we are heading out towards two very exciting things.

B – The Castle Observatory
Observatory LaserWe know that we are changing the time of day on our tour but it seemed like such a shame not to show our Observatory in its natural element at night. On a night when the sky is clear, you will see this green laser shooting out into space tracking satellites. Students can also go and perform observations for class and for interest whenever the observatory is operating. There is also the Science Center located next to the Castle where students go to do observations as well.

C – Residence and the Gym
ResidenceResidence WelcomeRoomGym

gym 2Located a quick 2 minute walk away from the Castle, you can find our Residence and Gym. Our Residence, Bader Hall, is just like any other typical university residence and contains all the regular amenities. There are double rooms and all students stay in Bader Hall so you are never far from your friends.
The Gym has all the equipment you will need to work out and we do programming in the gym based on what the students want. This year, Dodgeball, Kettlebell and Archery are very popular.
And that brings us to the end of our tour. But it seems a shame to leave you here and not return to the place where we started so here are some parting shots of the place we all love (See if you can figure where they are on the map!) –
30913_125881340778421_5828981_nOuter Corridor moat boatcastle ex

Thank you for coming along on our tour today! We hope that you enjoyed it and that you are set to navigate your way around in the future. Safe trip home and we will see you next week!

The first (and best) Castle Picture Tour Guide ever,
Radissen Ramoutar
Admission Representative

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