The BISC Know It All – Student Handbook

tumblr_lv66zdEdSJ1r0an16We get a ton of questions from students during this time of year. The questions cover a wide range of topics – from Residence to Midterm Trips to Christmas, etc. Many times, we have to double check or do some research in order to answer your questions and that is when we turn to our “go to resource” – The BISC Student Handbook.

The BISC Student Handbook contains so much information on the BISC that it is the #1 resource for students (and parents) as they prepare for their First Year at the BISC. It can help with a variety of things like –

  • Getting Ready (Registering for Courses, Heath Insurance, Packing, Travel Arrangements, etc.)
  • Financial Matters
  • Your arrival in the UK and getting around
  • BISC resources available to you at the Castle
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Predepature
  • and much more!

If we could give only one piece of advice to incoming students, it would be to read The BISC Student Handbook.

Thankfully, we can keep updating you on the BISC through email, social media and innovative tools like our recent Webcast for all our accepted students. Our Admission Representatives were live, on-line and able to provide information and answer questions. If you would like to take a look, you can find it on our YouTube page BISCtv along with a ton of other great videos about the BISC or you can find the video below –

We are excited to be answering so many questions and please keep them coming! We hope that these resources help you make a smooth transition to university and the castle and we welcome your suggestions and comments.

Reading through the Handbook for the 548th time,
Radissen Ramoutar
Admission Representative


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