A Healthy BISC is a Happy BISC

tumblr_mky580Wz8z1s4ip83o1_400What happens if you get sick while at the BISC? That is a big question and this week’s post is dedicated to ensuring that you are prepared and you know the answer.

To start off, let’s take a look at the preparations that have to be made before you leave for your year at the BISC. When traveling, it is always recommended that you have adequate health insurance and that you are covered for a variety of things. Since the BISC is located in another country, you are required to get your own supplementary health insurance. The reason that we don’t automatically enroll you in the university supplementary health plan is because many students have their own health insurance or are covered by their parents’ plan, etc. We find that the easiest way to approach this issue is for you to organize your own supplementary health insurance. This does not mean that the BISC is leaving you out in the cold though – like with most BISC related things, we are here to help!

To start off, I would recommend checking out our Student Handbook for more information on health insurance and what is required – please see Pages 8 -10. I would pay particular attention to the list of things that your plan should cover under “All Students”.

*An important thing to do is check that your medical insurance to ensure that it is adequate and you will be covered abroad for the entire time your are at the BISC and any independent travel afterwards.

For those students who are interested in the University Health Plan through our student government, the AMS, you can find more information on their website (see above link). If you go down to the bottom of the page, you will find the application for supplementary health insurance for the students that are traveling abroad (this includes BISC students). Please follow the instructions and feel free to contact the AMS directly with any questions you may have about the plan:
Phone – 613-533-3001
Email – frontdesk@ams.queensu.ca

So you have your health insurance and you get to the Castle; everything is going well and you are having a blast when…you start feeling a bit under the weather…and you get sick! What happens now? Well, you took the time to get your health insurance so luckily health services are available to you!

Every Monday at the Castle in a specially fitted room in Bader Hall (the Castle Residence), there is a weekly clinic from 12pm – 1pm (*time and date tentative to change for Fall 2013) staffed by doctors from the local Herstmonceux Surgery. You can make an appointment and drop in appointments are available. If you are sick and need to see a doctor while the clinic is not running, you can book an appointment with the local surgery and our mini bus will take you to your appointment in town and bring you back to the Castle.

For more information on things like immunization, women’s health, dental care, etc, please see Pages 19 – 21 of our Student Handbook. For those students who require regular medication and have prescriptions, there are options available to you at the Castle. Please check Page 20 of our Student Handbook.

Staying physically and mentally healthy is important too! Student Services are always available for assistance while you are at the BISC and please go to them if you need help. For more information on Student Services, who better to tell you than one of our current Student Life Coordinators, Mitch:
We will have more information for you on the various health resources available at the BISC during SOAR (our orientation in the summer on our Kingston Campus) and when you arrive at the Castle in September. Until then, we want to ensure you are getting prepared and that you know some of the services that we offer. Stay healthy!

Wannabe Health Nut,
Radissen Ramoutar
Admission Representative
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