Hakuna Matata – Come to SOAR!

tumblr_m3onap6OmE1r7yqugo1_500The preparations to start University in the fall can be long and tedious. Most students are moving from an environment they are very familiar with to a new area which they may not be comfortable in yet. Students heading to the BISC aren’t only going to a new school but also a new country. We realize that you are starting an adventure in a new environment and we would like to give you all the support we can. So with that in mind, we have a fantastic event to help you with your transition.

tumblr_m7y1ov63qA1r4y04kSOAR stands for the Summer Orientation on Academics and Resources. It is an event that is held at our Kingston Campus on July 19th or July 20th (pick one date to attend). It is a full day event from 9:00am – 4:30pm each day. SOAR is intended to help all our incoming students find out more about the various resources available to them at the BISC, meet their future classmates, choose their courses and hear from some of our staff at the BISC. The day is jam packed with sessions for you and they will cover a wide variety of topics. The BISC Executive Director, Dr. Bruce Stanley, will be there to talk to students and parents. You will also learn more about our academics from Dr. Christian Lloyd, the Academic Director at the BISC. In addition, we have two fantastic individuals coming from  BISC Student Services: Dr Claire Anderson, the BISC Student Services Manager and Cheryl Hutton, the BISC Assistant Student Services Manager. They will all be there to meet you and to provide you with advice to help you overcome any challenges you may face in your first year of university abroad.

lion-king-o2One of the big events at SOAR is Course Registration and Academic Advisement which happens after lunch. This is your time to sit down with an academic advisor and discuss the course options available for you. Please remember to “BE PREPARED” and decide on the courses you would like to take before this appointment so you can make the maximum use of the time you have with your academic advisor. For more information on first year courses and academics, please see last week’s blog post.

Tumblr_lneedtotalktosimbnaBut what happens if you cannot attend SOAR? We know that we have students coming from all over North America and the world and it is difficult to travel all the way to Kingston just for one day. Well fear not, we are going to record the different SOAR sessions and make them available on our YouTube Channel, BISCtv, the week after SOAR. That way, you can have access to all the information we provide that day. We also have you covered for course registration – students who cannot attend SOAR can do a phone / skype appointment with our academic advisors before SOAR begins. That way, you can choose your courses and get advice from our fantastic advisors wherever you may be.

disney-lion-king-the-lion-king-Favim.com-239493So how do you sign up for BISC SOAR? If you are an incoming student that will be heading to the BISC in September, please check your email. You should have received an email about BISC SOAR from our International Programs Office here at Queen’s (they are the ones that run SOAR). In that email, you will see instructions on how to register for SOAR, as well as some additional important updates. Please ensure you read through this email and follow the instructions in it. More information about BISC SOAR can be found on the BISC SOAR Website. For those of you who cannot attend BISC SOAR, please go onto the registration section of the website and sign up for a phone / skype academic advising appointment (additional information about these advising appointments is provided in the email).

lion-king-oSo get ready to get ready. We can’t wait to see you on our Kingston campus in July or talk to you via Skype / phone. If you are coming to BISC SOAR, feel free to make make a trip out of it by coming down and spending the weekend at Queen’s and Kingston. It is a great chance to check out the community where you will be spending the rest of your undergraduate career. So check your email and get ready for a taste of the BISC Life!

“You follow old Rafiki – he knows the way!”
Radissen Ramoutar
Admission Representative

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