Travelling Safely at the BISC

tumblr_ln273trkh81qarqrxo1_500One of the sessions that we have at SOAR is called pre-departure orientation and it focuses on getting you ready for your studies abroad. Part of what they cover in this session is ensuring that you know what to do in emergencies. You do a lot of travel at the BISC, whether it is for field studies or traveling on your free weekend, and it is always a good idea to ensure you are safe while you do so.

There are emergency services through the BISC and they are listed on pg 41 of your Student Handbook. While on campus in the event of an emergency, you can always contact Bader Hall (your residence) reception or Castle reception. They can assist you by contacting various emergency response services. While you are abroad, you will be able to contact the Emergency Support Program (ESP) through the Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC). The ESP is a program that all Castle Students must enroll in before they leave for the BISC. More information about this program can be found on pg 26 of your Student Handbook and we HIGHLY RECOMMEND reading up on it.

tumblr_m7x8lesVhm1qib9oao1_250 While we do not anticipate that you will be facing an emergency situation, we want you to be prepared. One of the most important things to be aware of when traveling is theft. Pickpockets are real and prey on travelers. You may lose some very important items if you are not careful like your purse, wallet, or even worse your passport. You can read about how one of our students dealt with getting both his passport and wallet stolen in our Explore Newsletters. Check out pages 11 & 12 for his story and tips –

The following is a great website that provides a number of tips of how to be prepared for any issues while traveling –

We will of course provide you with more information on the various services during SOAR in July and your orientation once you arrive at the Castle. We just want to make sure you are getting prepared and staying informed. We can’t wait to see many of you in July and everyone in September! Have fun researching and getting prepared!

“Make safety a thing to remember
from January on to December”
Radissen Ramoutar
Admission Representative

Newsletter #8 26 06 2013

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