The BISC Superheroes – Student Services

countdown-oSo, the countdown is on and with two months to go until you all begin your Castle adventures and many of you coming to SOAR in a few weeks’ time, Student Services have taken over this week’s blog because we thought that there has never been a better time for some introductions.

whaleThe Student Services team comprises of 7 people. There is the Student Services Manager, two Assistant Managers, the Bader Hall warden and 3 SLCS (Student Life Coordinators)… so who are we all?

Claire Anderson is the Student Services Manager

claireShe leads the Student Services team here at the Castle and takes overall responsibility for the quality of student life at the BISC.

Claire is Scottish and recently became a Dr after completing a PhD in International Relations at the University of St Andrews where she also worked in Residence and Student Experience systems.

Cheryl Hutton and Rachel Smith are the Assistant Student Services Managers

The Assistant Student Services Managers organize your Arrivals, Orientation, End of Term Celebrations and Departures. They also arrange a variety of extra-curricular activities including sports classes, events, day trips and Student Services weekends off-site.

cherylI (Cheryl) moved to the Castle just over a year ago after completing my undergraduate and postgraduate degree in Law. For the last six years as well as studying I also worked in a number of roles within Student Services and support at my university. One of my greatest passions is education; I really believe you never stop learning. Despite being born in Scotland I moved to the Wirral in the northwest of England (right near Liverpool) when I was a baby so to me that’s home. In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with friends, travelling, meeting new people, swimming, running, listening to music, keeping up-to-date with the news and celebrity gossip amongst other things.

At the castle I also run the volunteering program and the mental health society so I hope to see many of you get involved.  The SLCs, Rachel and I also live in Bader Hall so are around all the time.

rachelRachel has worked at the Castle since 2009 and has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and American Studies and an MSc in Applied Psychology.  During her undergraduate degree Rachel studied abroad in Pennsylvania, USA where she gained an understanding of life in North America and the potential problems that international students may face while attending university overseas. Rachel has travelled extensively and has worked in both Australia and New Zealand. Outside of work Rachel has a keen interest in photography, is fanatical about travel, and loves finding out about new places that should be on her wish-list.

Rachel also assists in the running of Student Government and has set up her own photography group.

Ruth Cereceda is the Bader Hall warden

ruthRuth is a Hispanic studies specialist teaching at the BISC, Queen’s University, since 2009. She is also a PhD candidate at the University of Oviedo (Spain), with a dissertation on Contemporary Spanish Art. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Geography from the same university, a Bachelor of Arts in English Studies from the National University (Spain), a Master’s degree in Cultural and Critical Theory from the University of Brighton, and a Postgraduate degree of Education in Teaching Spanish Language and Literature from the University of Cantabria. Ruth is originally from Santander, Spain, but has spent most of her life from an early age between England and Spain

As well as teaching Spanish Ruth is the Warden in Bader Hall, which means she is responsible for minor discipline and welfare issues, and for building a relationship between students, staff and faculty, with a focus on community integration. Ruth often runs an Art Club and has created an ESL buddy scheme.

Then we have 3 Student Life Coordinators

The Student Life Co-ordinators reside in Bader Hall and are the first points of contact for you both when things go well and when you have problems. They run events and maintain the community for their assigned corridors in Bader Hall.

From the Fall will be Isabella Jope, Matthew Kinley and Adam Goodwin…but we’ll allow them to introduce themselves soon!

tumblr_lw3xe9wAZ21qzrlhgo2_250We’re all so excited to see you!

friendsCounting down the days,
The BISC Student Services Team!

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