23 Signs You Studied at the Bader International Study Centre

A few days ago, there was a fantastic post on Buzzfeed titled “33 Signs You Go To Queen’s University, In Kingston.” We LOVED it here in Admissions and it got us thinking that it would be great to create a list for the Castle. So we got a group of BISC alumni together and brainstormed some surefire signs that any BISC student (past and present) will know –

1) People confuse your school with Hogwarts. You sometimes confuse it too.

2) You had to cross a moat to get to the pub at night.644507_372118282856395_1872660997_n

3) You’ve woken up to cows outside your window.

4) You’ve done the Hallway dance to turn on the lights in Bader Hall at night

5) You’ve written your exams in a Ballroom

6) You know the sound a peacock makes. And you know how loud it is.

7) Cleopatra’s Needle – need I say more?

8) Polegate Station = FREEDOM

9) ASDA and Tesco are your sources for most things in life

10) You know that the country shuts down with an inch of snow

11) Finding broken pottery on digs with Dr. Scott was like finding the Holy Grail

12) You took classes in a Chapel.

13) Atlantis: the place you thought was great until you realized it really wasn’t.

14) School ghosts are a thing.

15) Instead of writing midterm exams, you went off on an adventure for a week

16) Eastern Promise is the greatest.

17) You know the difference between a coach

and a bus

18) Every weekend is a long weekend when you only have 4 days of class

19) Bunnies are the nice Castle version of Kingston Squirrels

20) Watching a VHS in C0 is a preferred pastime

21) The green laser guides your way home
Observatory Laser

22) You ate a lot of potatoes…a lot.

23) This place is home


So there you are! If you relate to these, you have undoubtedly studied at the BISC. If you are heading to the BISC and you don’t quite get many of them, don’t you worry you will soon.

Creating lists is one of my favorite hobbies,
Radissen Ramoutar
Admission Representative

*Special thanks to all the BISC alumni who helped to create this list!

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