25 Signs You Are Leaving for the Castle Soon

We had a ton of fun last week creating a list for students who have attended the BISC to help them remember some of the great times that they had. Right now, we are gearing up for an entire class of new students attending the BISC in a few days and we thought that there should be no reason that they should miss out on any of the fun. So this week, we decided to do another list just for our incoming students about 25 signs that may be very present in their lives right now:

1) You have been looking at every photo of the Castle that you can get your hands on

2) You check the Castle Facebook group compulsively. You may have even Google Earthed the Castle multiple times

3) You have been practicing your British accent regularly

4) You are very familiar with the UKBA and their visa process

5) You have a countdown going

6) You have practiced driving on the left side of the road

7) You are watching British TV shows and movies to prepare yourself (Harry Potter especially)

8) You have tried and failed multiple times to explain your program to your friends

9) Your friends have given up trying to understand your program and convinced themselves that you are heading to Hogwarts

10) Your parents keep staring at you for extended periods of time with a sad look on their faces

11) You have created a communication plan to keep in touch with home and friends

12) You are becoming a Skype Master

13) Every mention of a Castle sets off your excitement

14) You are stocking up on your home country’s gear (flags, t-shirts, food items)

15) You know what the Emergency Support Program is

16) You have created a bucket list of items you NEED to do while at the BISC

17) You could be a English tour guide with the amount you have researched this country

18) Like Survivor, you are deciding which luxury items you want to take to the island

19) Selecting your favorite stuffed animal or game was a lengthy process

20) The BISC Student Handbook has become your guide to life

21) You are doing all your favorite things in your hometown so you get your fill (favorite restaurants, hangout spots, etc)

22) You are discovering amazing packing tricks allowing you to pack you entire life into a suitcase (e.g. rolling your clothes to make more space)

23) You have minor freak outs whenever anyone mentions September

24) British and European music is your jam right now

25) This is how you feel most days

*Special Content – To help you on your quest to find Castle related things, take a look at the BBC’s Chronicles of Narnia (from 1990). If you rather not watch it all, skip ahead to 5:50 and enjoy the familiar sights in the background!

Get ready!

If you can relate to these signs, then you are most definitely on your way to BISC. We are positive that many BISC Alumni are remembering the pre-castle preparations, September is a few short days away so make sure to be prepared and enjoy the last days of summer.

Only 21 days to go,
Radissen Ramoutar
Admission Representative

(special thanks to BISC Alumna Jennifer Donovan for her help with this list and for showing us the video)

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