BISC First Year Hangout – January 2014

We are back for an exciting post this week. Yesterday, we held our first BISC First Year Hangout where our potential students could watch LIVE and we had a pretty large audience. If you missed our First Year Hangout for January then fear not as we have it uploaded it to our Youtube Channel, BISCtv and you can also view it below –

To all those who submitted questions live, we really appreciate your interest and thank you for engaging with us.  We also appreciate all the great questions we are receiving so keep them coming. You can submit questions for us to ask our First Year Students via Facebook, Twitter, Email ( or you can watch and ask live!

We will be doing a BISC First Year Hangout every month until April 2014 so you can follow our First Years throughout their time at the BISC. Hopefully, we will see you on Wednesday February 26th, 2014 @ 4pm EST.

Excited for another Hangout,
Radissen Ramoutar
BISC Admission Representative

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