Financial Resources for BISC Students

http___makeagif.com__media_2-06-2014_4oe5YOWe know that a university education can be a large financial undertaking. Not every potential student applying to the First Year Program at the BISC is able to fully finance their education on their own. That is where Queen’s University and other external resources come in to help. Queen’s University is committed to making the unique and enriching BISC experience accessible to all qualified students. We have a number of resources available to our prospective students and we want to introduce you to them today.

We are currently evaluating the applications for our Major Admission Awards that some students applied for in December. If you missed this or did not qualify for these awards, fear not because we have additional opportunities for financial aid. Student can still apply for the Queen’s Admission Bursary. You can access the application for the Queen’s Admission Bursary on the SOLUS Student Centre where you can see your application status. Unlike a scholarship which is based on academic excellence, a bursary is based on financial need and considers the cost of the program you are applying to or have been accepted to. We highly recommend applying for the bursary to every student applying to the First Year Program at the BISC.

Another option that is still available through Queen’s would be our Admission Scholarships. These are based solely on academic excellence and you are automatically considered for these when you apply to Queen’s (so you do not have to complete a separate application). You will continue to be considered for this scholarship as long as you still have final marks coming in to us. For more information on the Admission Scholarship, head on over to our Student Awards Website.

We always recommend applying for Financial Aid from your home province/state/country/etc. One of the great things about the BISC is that it is a Queen’s campus that is located in England. Since it is a Queen’s campus, the program qualifies for many forms of financial aid from a variety of different sources. Ontario students are eligible to receive OSAP for the BISC program and we highly recommend applying. There is an OSAP estimator available on-line to give you an idea of how much you may receive before you actually apply. For students from other provinces in Canada, check out the Government Student Financial Assistance section of our Student Awards Website for information on the government financial aid available to you. Students from the US or other countries can find additional information on the International Students Section of our Student Awards Website.

Also note that this is not only your first year of university but also an opportunity to study abroad, as such you should apply for any study abroad funding that you qualify for. The following are suggestions of where you could start your research:

Our last section of advice for prospective students would be to apply for as many scholarships as you can! We don’t only mean the scholarships at Queen’s but also external scholarship with other organizations. Every year a ton of external scholarships, grants and other financial aid go unclaimed because students don’t apply for them. Apply for as many things as you qualify for because you may be the only one or one of the few to do so. Go to a search engine and type in “scholarships” followed by the name of your country and apply away!

So take a deep breath. Exhale. Look at this –

Now take this step by step. Create a budget, look into your options, create a plan and then go for it. There are a lot of resources available to you and it is never too early to start looking into them.

You can do it,
Radissen Ramoutar
BISC Admission Representative


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