BISC Special Event – Our Student Services Hangout

We promised you some special posts over the last two weeks and we have a fantastic one for you today. For this blog post, we have decided to do a very special BISC Hangout. We were over the moon with excitement about our guests, Cheryl and Isabella, for this Hangout and they joined us live from the Castle.

Cheryl and Isabella both work in Student Services at the Castle. Cheryl is an Assistant Student Services Manager and Isabella is a Student Life Coordinator (watch the hangout to learn exactly what they do). BISC Student Services is our greatest resource when students ask us about Student Life, Residence Life, support systems, counseling for students and much more. We wanted to give you a chance to find out more about this amazing team at the BISC and we figured who better to tell you more than two of the people from that group (we had some technical difficulties near the end but we included the information you may have missed due to the sound hiccup below).

You can view the hangout here –

For more information about Student Services at the BISC, you can visit their section on our website. For any additional question for / about Student Services at the BISC, be sure to email us at and we will get an answer for you.

Student Services are the best,
Radissen Ramoutar
BISC Admission Representative

Castle Spring1

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